Original Cotton Brace

Our Original Cotton back braces are made with a semi-rigid Cotton grey fabric. They are made in 3 different heights based on the number of straps, 1 strap (low profile), 2 straps (medium profile) and 3 straps (high profile). They can be purchased with or without moldable back posterior panels. A wide range of sizes are available.

One Size Fit All

Our one size fits all back brace is practical and easy to adjust to get the perfect fit. No cutting or trimming, just open the brace and move the Special Velcro Interior Sizing Strap to your size. You can always change the size whenever you want. This model comes with built-in abdominal panels and removable posterior panels.

New Blue Line

Our newest and most economical low profile back brace, available in 3 sizes only. It is the most simple and easy to use. It has New Special Built-in Posterior Support Bans that transfer all pressure to wear you need it most, your back. Available with or without posterior panels, this is no doubt the best back brace on the market today.

Air Custom Fit

The best customized fit in only 3 sizes. The Air custom fit line offers 2 Unique Interior Fitting Straps that can be adjusted to your shape. They are available in low or high profile models. They all come with a built-in abdominal panel and removable back posterior panels.

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