Yes, by all means! Our braces are non invasive and made with natural fabric created without any harmful chemical substance. Super comfortable on the skin and designed for extended. All our products have been tested for a “Round-the-Clock” wear with full comfort.

A benefit of paramount importance is that all our products are Latex and Neoprene free. Our natural fabrics will avoid any skin irritations, blisters, allergies or discomfort on the skin. Also, the M-Brace products are washable, therefore always clean and odour-free!

Other than the natural materials, the M-Brace Technology as well as the Locking System play an integral part in our competitive advantage. Our Locking system flexibility allows our lumbar supports to adapt to many different body shapes and our knee braces can easily accommodate customers with highly variable sizes between the thigh and the calf. On the other hand, it also allows some products to come in a “One-Size-Fits-All”, it is a user-friendly system that allows an easy fit, fast to lock, adjustable at any time and thus it enables each individual to find the perfect locking setting for her/his needs, requirements and comfort.

Of course! The natural fabrics allow a 24 hours wear, which obviously includes sleeping time. However, when sleeping ensure that the locking system is not tightened at its maximum extent so that it will not affect comfort.

No, not at all. All our products come with the M-Brace Locking System which allows each individual to choose their own closing setting and to determine the best possible tension for their personal needs or requirements. In the case of all our knee braces, the two wide bands holding the brace onto the leg provide maximum grip, avoid muscle trauma and ensure full blood circulation.

The answer depends on your insurance provider. Please contact them directly to receive more information on your coverage.

Yes! This is another great advantage of using natural fibers and yarns. All the M-Brace products can be washed at lukewarm temperature (by hand or in the washing machine) and dried (hang to dry or in the dryer at low setting). Washing instructions are clearly indicated on both the packaging and the “inside notice” contained in each box. Make sure that products with no chlorine are used in the washing phase.

As many times as necessary. Our products have been tested with over 100 washes without any problems.

Not at all, only if washing instructions are carefully followed. Actually, the washing process restores the product’s elasticity.

No! The Velcro pads and the cotton fabric have been tested for the longest time. Washing the product will actually restore the cotton smoothness.

Our products will last over a year, provided that washing instructions are carefully followed and products have not been misused. Some wear and tear may become visible over time, but one needs to consider that the M-Brace braces can be worn 24 hours a day for a year, while the neoprene based products cannot.

Yes, very much so! All the M-Brace products are “very low profile” so that they can be easily worn, unnoticed, under clothes during daily use, under sports outfits and garments when playing, or under pyjamas when sleeping.

Yes, as a matter of fact in both products the straps allow to choose the desired compression and support which can be modified whenever desired. Moreover both our Ankle Locks have been conceived to be “very low profile” so that they can fit in any shoe.

Yes, One-Size-Fits-All! This is true for many of the M-Brace products, like the Ankle Lock, the Jumper’s Knee Brace, One size fits all Lumbar Back Brace and Telescopic Adjustable knee brace.

Yes, there are quite a few “universal” products in the M-Brace product line such as the Ankle Lock, the Extra Ankle Lock, the Patella Stabilizer, the Vega Aligner Adjustable Hinges Knee Brace, the Epicondylitis Brace, the Wrist Support and the Jumper’s Knee brace.

Absolutely! The thumb stay in the #35 and #137 Thumb Splints are made with light aluminum, and can be easily molded in order to adapt the product to users’ needs and also to avoid any pressure point thus allowing maximum comfort.

With the M-Brace Wrist Splints #134 #136 #132.

Absolutely! The skin of the popliteal region is covered by a very light cotton fabric which allows the skin to freely breathe at all times and does not cause any other skin problems. The M-Brace knee braces have been on the market for a number of years and no problem of this kind has ever been reported or noted.

No reason to worry! The Patella Stabilizer is the only M-Brace brace in which the laces are made with elastic material and the reason for this choice is precisely to avoid any undesired pressure on the patella and the patellar tendons. At the same time, the elastic laces allow the knee brace to bend and “open” when the knee is flexed to its maximum extent.

No reason to worry. In case of damage or loss, the inside buttress, hinges and the stays can be replaced. Contact our customer service team at 1-866-374-4050 for more information.

Due to the customization that some of our products offer, a doctors prescription is required and should be fitted by a professional the very first time. The brace will be easy to put on and off after this first fitting.

Both the Polycentric Hinges Knee Brace and the Polycentric Adjustable Hinges Knee Brace have a right and a left model because the brace hinges are shaped obliquely (at an angle) for a perfect anatomical medial and lateral support. When wearing either of these braces please ensure that both hinges well lean against the knee.

We suggest to use our # 43 M-Brace Vega Aligner Knee Brace or #46 OA knee brace for meniscus injuries.

Of course! Most of the M-Brace products are covered by worldwide patents.

No mysteries here either! Each box contains a complete folder (Inside Notice) explaining the product properties, how to wear it, and how to take care of it. This information is also available on our website www.m-brace.com

M-Brace offer Hernia Support Briefs with built-in truss and pads to give you support and relieve discomfort. If you have an inguinal hernia, a hernia truss can help you feel more comfortable temporarily, but it doesn’t treat the hernia. Talk to your doctor to see your treatment options.

M-Brace is really made in Italy. We are proud to offer the highest quality of materials, innovation and craftmanship. For over 50 years, our goal has been to preserve and improve your quality of life.

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